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There is a fine line between business driving technology and technology driving the business. We at URDesigns (Pronounced Your Designs) believe in technology but we also believe in helping you keep your profits. We do an analysis of your Business Systems, Servers, Networks, Internal and External Users, Processes, Paper in Process, and Delivery of your Product (Service). We show you where you can improve and help you implement the changes.

You may be asking to yourself now, “Can I do without Mobile…???”

What if we can show you that you can:

– have a twenty-time return on your investment

-be better at controlling your labor expenses

– increase your technicians’ general labor efficiency, thus increasing your labor recovery rate

– achieve a strong reduction in customer complaints and disputes


We provide Code-free Mobility Solutions to grow your business



Our developers take into account your needs then design solutions that meet them. We offer fixed and customizable mobile applications that can be changed anytime as your needs evolve. We make sure clients avoid having to deal with time consuming codes but still offer a solution that guarantees success in returns.


Your customers’ satisfaction is our goal.  Have you ever tried tracking your “First-Time Fix”? You’ll be amazed at the returns once you achieve doing a service order for a client and actually get the job right at the first try. We’ll show you how using Mobile Solutions. That’s because failing to fix an issue on the first visit can be detrimental to customer satisfaction and retention. Yet, according to The Service Council (TSC), average first-time fix rates are just 74 percent; that means more than a quarter of all calls require multiple visit.

Download URDESIGN’S WHITE PAPER and learn the following:

    • Reduced Paper (no re-entering in field collected information)
    • Reduced customer complaint, expectations in the field
    • Having the correct parts before going to the site
    • Knowing when parts are on back order or received as soon as they arrive
    • Increased efficiency and field personnel esteem
    • The importance of investing in mobile technology and so MUCH MORE. All aimed to achieve a “First-Time Fix”!

” A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”

– Martin LeBlanc


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