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URDesigns: A World Class Solutions Provider

We are a Southern California based company that have been providing world class business solutions for over 4 Years. In the past, we have provided services to companies like Cummings Diesel, Caterpillar, Sara Lee, John Deere, Ingersoll Rand, Bank of America, Sprint, and many others. We would now like to offer our topnotch services to companies who are interested and in need. We are made up quick thinking, resourceful professionals and have overcome almost every obstacle that has been presented to us. We have come up with solutions that we think we can really get behind. Let us assist you in coming up with a solution that will not only produce a ROI (Return of Investment) but will help in Time Savings, and create Efficient Systems that will greatly benefit your business.

URDesigns Founder and CEO

ericdobbinsEric Dobbins started URDesigns when he noticed there was a lack of solutions in the industry he was working with.

He has worked in the trucking and construction industry for a number of years as a member of the executive team for Southern California Material Handling, specifically as a Director of  Information Systems. With this position, he has worked closely with the different departments (technical, dispatching, efficiency) and has listened and experienced some of the most common pain points of the field service industry.

“I grew up around Business. My dad had his own company and he taught me a lot of things that have to do with the workings of running it. He is technically my inspiration for this company and the name of the company (URDesigns LLC) is a tribute to the name of his company (Design & Mfg.). “

URDesigns Mobile Solutions

A URDesigns specialty.

These are solutions that are developed so that companies with mobile workers (employees that are out and about in the field) can accurately input information real time and cut the usual time brought about by traditional methods in half. This is done via designing and creating applications that is then installed in mobile devices, which a mobile worker can bring anywhere.

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