There is a huge need for field technicians in the US today. This lack in manpower can hurt contractors and others in the service industry. Hiring and keeping skilled workers are two different challenges that ail service companies, as well. All these should be addressed in order to stay on top of competition and keep the business afloat.
There is a solution for this type of problem. Often, you just need to use technology to your advantage when you’re dealing with manpower problems.
Here are the different ways that you could do to keep your technicians:

Use technology in order to recruit the best talent out there. Attract talent by using the best technology. The industry is already becoming competitive and the demand for manpower surpasses the supply. The best technicians want to work in a company that uses great technology. They also want to be more involved in the technology side of the industry and of the business. So, make sure that there is a field service software solution that will make your company attractive to prospect talents.

This tends to be the heart and core of every business. Just making sure that your employees are well-trained keeps the company up and running through the years. It might consist of teaching new skills to the employees or reinforcing customer service skills. You can use training to focus on the employees who really need it. Having good software allows you to implement a training process and ensures that it’s followed. Additional software for testing and training can speed up the learning process for new hires while making sure that the rest of the employees are keeping the policies.

With the industry becoming more competitive, it is essential to arm your technicians with sales tools. Aside from being brilliant technicians, they need to be able to sell the company and some add-ons to current clients and prospects. Certain tasks, like installation, may require a dedicated salesperson. But when you have the right technology and tools, you are able to leverage this opportunity in order to increase sales, couple that with sales training for your staff.

Knowledge Retention
Lastly, technology can aid in ensuring that the institutional knowledge stays in company even as the baby boomer technicians retire. Having service history notes can be helpful to new technicians, especially when it comes to fixing older equipment. This can save hours of headache. Just having a software for documentation, videos, and photos for a certain job done will allow knowledge retention and continuity even when the veterans retire.

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