In today’s competitive business marketplace, delivery businesses are moving beyond simply squeezing costs out of the business process towards increasing visibility and responsiveness to marketplace demands.

To remain competitive, your technology must facilitate sales growth, provide inventory controls, help reduce out-of-stock, optimize the route sales rep’s efficiency and increase speed to market with new products. Additionally, the ability to react to discreet customizations based upon customer buying patterns, seasonality and other factors are crucial. This responsiveness, real-time visibility and flexibility of the apps, specifically the Proof of Delivery (POD) app, will empower your business to flourish in the current economic climate.

Proof of Delivery (POD) app is very easy to use with just a few quick taps.

POD Creates Transparency

This happens when the company makes a simple change to its delivery process by implementing electronic signature capture, that can improve efficiency and customer service. When a delivery is signed for the mobile application, it automatically generates a POD notification and e-mails it to the customer over a 3G network. The transaction is also recorded at the head office. That way, information at the head office, customer’s site and the customer’s receiving dock are all in synch.


You can access your dashboard on your smartphone, tablet or any web enabled device. Track one to hundreds or thousands of drivers. Delivery companies greatly improved customer service by providing electronic, real-time notification of proof of delivery, which is valued by customers because goods in incoming shipments are often needed immediately to complete the day’s tasks. Other companies that make time-sensitive deliveries have gone even further to keep customers up-to-date by providing realtime visibility for in-transit shipments.

Imaging Adds Documentation, Reduces Paperwork Processing Time

The innovation of integrating a camera into mobile computers has led to many process innovations in how deliveries are documented and billed. One of the simplest and most effective is to use the computer to capture a document image, including the proof of delivery signature that proves goods were delivered. Capture sPODs.

INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS and Advanced Document Imaging

Mobile imagers give workers a fast and reliable way to convert paper documents into electronic forms. Combining mobile imaging with wireless communication gives backend systems the documentation they need to start various processes (route planning, order picking, invoicing, answering customer service inquiries, etc.) hours or even days earlier than when paper-based processes are used. Transmitting document images wirelessly not only gives office workers a head start, it also saves considerable data entry time and prevents manual data entry errors.

Shipment Address Validation

Drivers can use a handheld computer with enhanced imager to scan the shipping labels of the shipments they are picking up. Image processing software can then extract the address data, validate the information and populate the required records, and could direct a mobile printer to generate a bar code shipping label for the item. Using the imager and software to capture and communicate address information saves time for drivers and prevents manual data entry errors. Addresses can also be validated against a database to add additional data such as the delivery address type (commercial, residential or rural), notes, special delivery instructions or other details that enrich the process.

There is a clear link between innovation and business value in the transportation & logistics industry. Winning customers and improving profitability by taking a fresh look at your operations and by examining basic functions like how pickups are made, how addresses are entered and how deliveries are completed, companies have imagined new services and business processes that are setting them apart in their markets. Often, the new approaches have led to new business.

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