When you’re making a sale, the first impression counts. Customers want to feel that they are treated respectfully and professionally throughout the service and even after it’s done. But, professionalism is more than just a smile and wearing a work shirt. Every aspect of the experience is essential in helping the customer decide whether to purchase the service or not. A part of this experience is how you present your work orders.

How your invoice looks like will reflect on your company. This will create an impression of your brand, such as the quality of work that the technicians do and their overall competence. This also affects how professional your company is perceived. It is mandatory to use this to your advantage through the right technology.

The Issue

Sometimes a technician arrives to fix a piece of equipment, and finds that a replacement part is needed, but either it’s back at a warehouse or out of stock. This means the tech must leave the customer, and come back at a later time to provide a resolution to the problem.
Many customers would strongly prefer to have their service problem solved correctly the first time. When a return visit is not needed, first-time fix rates tick up for field service businesses, and customers are happier because their problem has been solved quickly and effectively.

The Solution

Using mobile software that creates work orders and invoices helps you look the part. This produces clear documents without the fuss. Mobile also eliminates the cost of paper forms and invoices so your salesperson or technician is able to make necessary changes without having to reprint any document.

This mobile software addresses the following:

*Having descriptions of line items and services for customers
*Having legible descriptions of the scope of work, including the pricing, to ensure consistency
*Having professional presentation of the company, contract information, terms, and other necessary information

Through a mobile software solution, your salesperson has more flexibility during the sales process. This allows them to provide multiple options easily without needing to write it on paper. It also takes the customer on a buying journey – from evaluating and diagnosing the problem to the proposal and work acceptance. This clearly presents the information in order to make a sale and close more deals.

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