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Tie all of your data together in one place.

Dashboard & Reporting

urdesigns_dashboardModernize your reporting…

… in ways where it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Gone are the days of dauntless paperwork every after work, confusing spreadsheets, and jumbled up data. Our dashboards are designed after the needs of the clients for easy, smooth sailing, and professional data collation that doesn’t require months of training. Make your reporting visually pleasing and also easy to understand for your audience with our interactive dashboard.

Mobile Portals


Have your very own business database…

… where your employees can search, type, and enter data with the use of the internet. Collect company related information in a gateway fashioned to fit your company, with access given only to your employees. Once data is collected, everything is then tied up in the dashboard where you can see your business application’s performance and where you can control everything.


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Inventory Management Solution

In development. Coming soon.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Let UrTech Software host your business applications.

Field Service Solution

Manage your service orders anytime, anywhere.

Shipping and Delivery Solution

Mobile Proof of Delivery & Direct Store Delivery.

Rental Delivery Solution

In development. Coming soon.

100% Packaged or Custom Solution

Business applications to fit your specific needs.

Integrated Dashboard and Reporting

Inventory Dashboard

In development. Coming soon.

Field Service Dashboard

Tie everything in your Field Service application in a dashboard.

Rental Dashboard

In development. Coming soon.

Integrated Portal Solutions

Application Programming Interface

In development. Coming Soon.

Customer Portals

In development. Coming soon.

Vendor Portals

In development. Coming soon.

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