Scheduled PM/OM (Planned Maintenance/Operational Maintenance) can make an average $250 in additional’s. 100 should be $25,000, right?

We all know that PM/OM’s are loss leaders & a way to bring in more business in the form of Additional’s or Second Segment work.

But why does it not seem to work that way?


Is it your Team or the Process? In most cases, it’s the Process. Some Field Workers can do this with their eyes closed but some struggle to sell lights and seasonal services. We take a unique approach to this.

Everyone has tried many different programs to address PM/OM’s. We found that getting the PM/OMs done is one part of the puzzle but the larger chunk of this issue is and what it all comes down to is: Is the Field Worker comfortable enough to Up-Sell the Additional’s or Second Segment work with the customer?

In most cases no, they are not. This is where we can help.

We ask Field Workers to be like Baseball Umpires and “call it like they see it” on the inspections. Items marked as CRITICAL, NEEDS REPAIR are highlighted and upon signing, the customer must select “Customer Approved”, “Customer Refused”, or “Request Quote” thus closing the loop.

Our customers and field workers love this function and it is turning PM/OM’s into the money makers they should be. The side effect of this process? Happy customers because of less breakdowns.

We may be able to help since we specialize in process driven, time saving applications, which your company can use. Would you be interested to talk about it or maybe would like to schedule a guided “Test Flight” that doesn’t obligate to actually buy anything?

Either way we are here to help you succeed.


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