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Let us help you do more
with your current workforce.

So you can stop wasting your employees' time
and instead be the visionary leader
we all know you are.

Paper and manual processes can cost a company 15% of their payroll each week.

I know this makes you feel like you are not getting your money's worth but giving them more to do would be pushing them too hard. Your team needs to be more efficient for the company to grow but you feel like you are running out of ideas.

URDesigns Mobile Software is designed to help you eliminate paper and manual processes, giving your employees additional time to do more.

By implementing our Software that relieves unnecessary workload, you are showing that you are the Visionary Leader they trust you to be.

Save time and money while making work easier for everyone.

Focused on First Time Fix

An increase in 5% of FTF can net to
a total of $1, 000,000.00

Put an End to Paperwork

No more lost, missing, or incomplete paperwork.

Wow Demanding Customers

Constantly wow your demanding customers the way they should be.

Optimize Your Whole Service Chain

Support not only your customers but as well as the Service and other departments

Seamless Integration With Your Business System

Our platform integrates with easily with almost all business system.

Have All Techs Consistently

We suggest up-sells so your technician does not have to.

In most companies it gets even worse.

Not only are we wasting time in the Service Department but in Parts and Sales Departments as well.

Looking for efficiency
where there's seemingly none?

It’s no fun being between a rock and a hard place
and feels like there is nowhere to turn.

With over 35 years in the software industry
and developing mobile applications since 1999,
we have found many places to eliminate wasted time.

Finding more and more ways
to make work easier for everyone.

Let us show you how to go from stressed and unsure
to calm and in control.

This Is How Easy It Is To Work With Us!

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At URDesigns we know that
you want to be a successful leader.

To do that, you need to continuously find innovative ways to increase your employee’s efficiency and reduce their wasted time. The problem is your running out of ideas which makes you feel like you are failing and becoming a bad leader. We believe no leader should feel that way.

We understand how hard it is to find innovative ways to improve operational efficiency without adding additional work which is why we provide mobile field service software that helps your employees do more in less time.
  1. Together we find an area where you can save time.
  2. We can teach you how to use our applications to save time.
  3. You then simply use the time saved to do something that was not getting done.

Then just simply repeat the process, again and again, until there is no wasted time to be found.

So, set a meeting today! And in the meantime, sign up for our eBook on Myths and Facts of Mobile Field Service.  So, you can stop wasting your employees time and instead be the visionary leader we all know you are.

Technicians love it after they understand what it does for them. They get so much more that just removal of paper. Even techs with little computer skills will surprise you how they take to it and use it all day long.

They get ownership of their:  WIP and Parts in their Van. Also visibility to things they never had like Warehouse and Consignment Stock levels as well as their Teammates’ Van inventories, access to the history of all units in their respective territories, visibility to warranty on a Unit with start and expiration dates. And so much more… 

That may be the case but if your numbers are great without Mobile, imagine where that can go with Mobile. Having around 45 more minutes per call and use that extra time for the customer, or verify you have the part, or just get more calls done in a day.

Having the extra time helps the whole organization.  

Paper Work Orders take 64 Minutes to process from Request to Tech to Invoice. 

URDesigns Mobile Work Orders only take 18 minutes to process from Request to Tech to invoice. In effect leaving you 46 minutes to do something that has until now been missed. 

Switching to mobile, doing 100 Work Orders a week saves you up to 75 Hours a week – making it seem like you hired extra people.  

The thought of how you’re loaning your customers money seems confusing but in fact, you may be. If you can invoice within a day of completing the work, you can put an end to it. You see, when your Work Order extends more than a day past the Last Labor Date, you are trading cash for time. Their terms do not start until the Invoice is cut, and they will not consider paying until they receive their Invoice.

In effect, you’re giving away your working capital every day the Order is not invoiced. 

No one wants to carry multiple devices. If they have a device to test the equipment with, we most likely can run on that device.

We can run on Windows, Apple or Android. It can also run on your phones.

If you are like most companies, you have a few Technicians who understand what Up-selling is, never seem to run out of work, and are able to properly service the customer. But some of your Technicians don’t.

We help level the field with a suggestion when the Customer is signing the Order. Giving them the ability to say yes or no to additional work found and suggesting others services, as necessary.  

We track the responses, so the signer cannot come back and say, “I did not say no to having an item suggested for repair. With the signatures for the work done and with what we call Progressive Billing, the Customer signs the Work Order daily with the cumulative work on it so there will be no surprises at the end. 


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Instant invoicing & improved record keeping

Our field service solution tracks every detail of the services performed including parts, labor, travel time, mileage, rental equipment, PM results, warranties, etc. and captures GPS locations, time-stamps, electronic signatures, and photographs to improve your records.

When service is complete, the software automatically generates invoices, service & PM reports, receipts, timecards, etc. increasing staff efficiency and reducing the time it takes to receive payment.

Improve preventative maintenance

With our field service solution, businesses can easily define the necessary preventative maintenance steps required for each piece of equipment. When a technician performs PM, the system provides visual cues and color-coding to guide them through the process, ensuring thorough completion before a work order is finalized.

If any issues are found during the preventative maintenance, the tech can select an appropriate resolution or generate a new work order for that issue on the spot. PM is tracked and stored for each piece of equipment, so you’ll have accurate service records.

Track technician inventory

Assign work orders based on the parts required and the technicians who have them on-hand. As a technician uses parts, the inventory is decremented and the charge is added to the customer’s invoice automatically.

This helps avoid return trips for lack of parts and ensures that customers are accurately charged for all parts used.

Better labor & timekeeping

Our field service software tracks both labor and travel time, automatically generating timecards for each technician. As services are performed, the type of labor and amount of time are added to the customer’s invoice to ensure accurate billing.

You can also track technician mileage to ensure technicians are being dispatched optimally, minimize fleet costs, and automatically bill customers (if desired).

Detailed Equipment History

Provide detailed and accurate equipment history including:

  • Maintenance records
  • Prior breakdowns & repairs
  • Parts & labor used
  • Any notes relating to the equipment
  • and more…

Deliver quality service while exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Get instant benefits with our Field Service Solution

Your field service personnel are faced with increasingly complex tasks and customers with high service level expectations. Customers want instant & accurate service responses, immediate access to all relevant job info, and high levels of performance from their servicers.

To deliver the performance your customers demand, your field service techs must be armed with the right tools & information to turn every customer interaction into a satisfying experience.

A Service Solution that’s for your entire organization

Optimize your entire field service chain – from dispatch and work order prioritizing to parts used & labor costs.

URDesigns delivers information to your field technicians when they need it most, on-site with the customer. Automating their service calls allows your techs to focus on customer satisfaction (rather than paperwork) and avoid disrupting dispatchers with unnecessary calls.

Effective Scheduling & Dispatching

Our field service software allows dispatchers to create, assign & update work orders based on any business rules your company requires and deploy them directly to technicians’ mobile devices instantly. Dispatchers can utilize our GPS tracking functionality to find the nearest technician for any service call and assign work orders based on technician skill sets, inventory on-hand, status, history, etc. maximizing efficiency and improving service levels.

Seamless integration with your current system

Our field service software is designed to easily integrate to your existing backend systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc) so you get the most out of your investments.

While this software works great on its own, it’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with our other solutions such as inventory tracking, timekeeping & more.

Benefits of Field Service Mobility:

  • Expectations visible in the field
  • High-level technician performance
  • Paperless and can be taken anywhere
  • Deliver stellar service all the time, every time
  • Increase service van inventory turns
  • Aimed at achieving a first-time fix
  • Increase efficiency and field personnel self-esteem
  • Increased Return of Investment
  • Simple and fast training time
  • Increase additional sales (Second Segment)
  • Elimination of customer complaints
  • Reduction of human error


UR-Visual Dispatching

See who to assign work orders to. Know who is available for immediate dispatch. Check a technician's location via GPS. Cross check your technicians' schedules & skills to properly match them to an order... and more!

UR-Customer Portal

Gives your customers the power to go through their accounts, saving time and greatly improving your customer service.



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Safety checklists, site analysis to check for hazards, daily reports, and site inspections. Page is under construction. Coming very soon!


Everything your technicians need in their pockets.

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