What is Lean?

… and how does it relate to Kaizen? We touch up on another Business Process Improvement (BPI) method in relation to KAIZEN. Kaizen talks about improving through various ways one of which is by eliminating wastes. Wastes refer to the … Continue Reading

Safety and Compliance: Proof of Work and Labor

Let’s be realistic about safety. A lot of us space out when safety is being talked about or when listening to it is made compulsory. When things are going along in your business day to day, safety is rarely a … Continue Reading

How To Apply Kaizen On A Personal Level

There are ways to apply KAIZEN into your day-to-day life. Improvement, especially the Kaizen philosophy, may seem daunting at first but is actually very simple. Kaizen play into the human intuition and the desire to constantly seek improvement. We list … Continue Reading

What is KAIZEN?

Every company out there has it’s own business process. That means, each company has its own way of getting the job done, communicating, and interacting with customers. It’s the different processes involved which make your company run smoothly to deliver … Continue Reading

Safety Inspection – The Ticket to a Safe Work Environment

By: ERIC DOBBINS Workers Compensation Insurance too high? Are injuries plaguing your organization? Are you just looking to create a safer environment for your employees?   Maybe it is hard to get people to think about safety, but it shouldn’t … Continue Reading

Transitioning to Digital: Part 1

Is your business organization ready to undergo digital transition? Do you find transitioning intimidating or difficult? Is it really necessary? In this post, we’ll tackle common digital transition questions head on and one by one to make it easier to … Continue Reading

The Woes of Entering Data Twice

If you haven’t automated and extended your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) via mobile yet, chances are you’ve encountered having to enter data in your system twice (or more!). Picture this scenario: A company representative (usually technicians for service companies) is … Continue Reading

More Customer Portal Benefits

Here is another list of benefits for those wanting to know just exactly how customer portals are helpful. You can read our first three here. As previously mentioned, Customer Portals are a one-stop shop for online customer support. It’s where … Continue Reading

Benefits of Customer Portals

The rise of technology has our customers wanting immediate gratification. That is, they prefer immediate results, answers, and solutions for every query they have. Gone are the days of waiting for minutes or even hours on the phone just to … Continue Reading