Smart COVID-19 Employee Screening Apps

Self-screening & Point-of-Entry screening.

It's all about keeping everyone safe.

Everyone is worried about COVID-19.

One employee can spread the virus to many - just like how common colds are spread in confined areas, touch points, and from person to person.

One way to reduce the chances of spread is to screen employees before going to work.

The app should be customizable to comply with any guidelines.

Screening Apps to help make your company safer.

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Screening Apps Include:

Easily Comply with Guidelines

Comply with frequently-changing CDC & OSHA guidelines to avoid expensive OSHA fines, legal liability and costly shutdowns.

Flexible & Customizable

State & local regulations vary widely. Apply differing regulations based on work-site & work-type, and easily modify screenings as regulations change.

Multiple Screening Options

Utilize employee self-screening, point of entry screening, or both. Ensure safe procedures while minimizing impact to your business.

Privacy & Security

Control your own data to avoid privacy issues, unauthorized usage & security breaches inherent to cloud-based solutions.

Quick & Easy Screening

Simple, intuitive user interface so screenings can be quickly completed by all of your employees to avoid point-of-entry delays.

Automatic Alerts

The system automatically notifies the employee & supervisors if an employee shows symptoms or is cleared to return to work.

Management Dashboards

Gain real-time insight. View screening results including pass/fails, incompletes, estimated return dates, etc. even before employees arrive at work.

Quick Entry Pass

Displays employee ID badge & recent pass/fail status right on their phone to show point-of-entry personnel for faster processing.

Works On Any Device

The solution is accessible from anywhere via app (Android, iOS, & Windows) or on the web to maximize user adoptions & compliance

we understand how you feel.

Dealing with a deadly virus is no joke.

CDC guidelines and OSHA regulations change frequently plus federal, state & local regulations vary widely from place to place and job-type to job-type. Our solution makes handling these varying requirements simple.

Easily & Fully Customizable

Regulations vary by location & work-type, our solution ensures employees go through the appropriate screenings.

Control what data is collected and/or stored to be consistent with your corporate policies and avoid potential privacy concerns.

As regulations and guidelines change over time, our software allows you to modify your existing screenigns & create new ones in minutes.

Modify the apps & web portals to use your own logos, images, colors, web address, etc.

Private & Secure

You have complete control of your data and it’s stored on your own servers (or private cloud), so you don’t need to worry about the unauthorized usage, privacy concerns & security breaches associated with cloud-solutions.

Including full FIPS (140-2 or better) encryption from end-to-end, Active-Directory/LDAP support, invisible two-factor authentication, forced logoff, remote wipe of client-side databases, and other MDM capabilities.

Simplify Management Processes

View screening results in real-time including pass/fail, incompletes, and estimated return dates or use aggregated reports & charts for better overall insight. Easily view specific departments/teams for quick decision making.

Have the system send automatic notifications to management/supervisors if an employee fails to complete a self-screening (if required), is showing symptoms, or is about to return to work so they can plan appropriately.