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"How hard is the Field Service App to get all Techs to use it?"

Technicians love it after they understand what it does for them. They get so much more that just removal of paper. Even techs with little computer skills will surprise you how they take to it and use it all day long.

They get ownership of their:  WIP and Parts in their Van. Also visibility to things they never had like Warehouse and Consignment Stock levels as well as their Teammates’ Van inventories, access to the history of all units in their respective territories, visibility to warranty on a Unit with start and expiration dates. And so much more.

"How does the app save time?"

Paper Work Orders take 64 Minutes to process from Request to Tech to Invoice. 

URDesigns Field Service App Work Orders only take 18 minutes to process from Request to Tech to invoice. In effect leaving you 46 minutes to do something that has until now been missed. 

Switching to the app, doing 100 Work Orders a week saves you up to 75 Hours a week – making it seem like you hired extra people.  

"Will we need to carry another device?"

No one wants to carry multiple devices. If they have a device to test the equipment with, we most likely can run on that device.

We can run on Windows, Apple or Android. It can also run on your phones.

"If our efficiency is already good, can this app help?"

That may be the case but if your numbers are great without the Field Service, imagine where that can go with Mobile. Having around 45 more minutes per call and use that extra time for the customer, or verify you have the part, or just get more calls done in a day.

Having the extra time helps the whole organization.  

"How could we be loaning customers money?"

The thought of how you’re loaning your customers money seems confusing but in fact, you may be. If you can invoice within a day of completing the work, you can put an end to it. You see, when your Work Order extends more than a day past the Last Labor Date, you are trading cash for time. Their terms do not start until the Invoice is cut, and they will not consider paying until they receive their Invoice.

In effect, you’re giving away your working capital every day the Order is not invoiced. 

"How can this app help with up-selling PM Additionals?"

If you are like most companies, you have a few Technicians who understand what Up-selling is, never seem to run out of work, and are able to properly service the customer. But some of your Technicians don’t.

We help level the field with a suggestion when the Customer is signing the Order. Giving them the ability to say yes or no to additional work found and suggesting others services, as necessary.  

Do you have any more questions that you want to ask? We’ll try our best to answer all of them.

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