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Our Product Suite

Our product suite is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.
Currently, our offerings include:

Safety Suite

Inspections, FLHA, Self-Paced Training, Guided meetings and attendance, Toolbox Talks, Safety Data Sheets, Visitor tracking, Good Catch, Driver Safety, Incident Reporting, Incident tracking and management, and many more.

Field Service

UR-Tech Mobile, Reduce or eliminate paper, Tech Up-Selling, FLHA, Inspections, History, Avoidable Damage

Field Service Management

Visual Service, Scheduling, Dispatching Qualified, Closest and Available Techs, KPI monitoring, and many more.

Fleet Management

Monitor KPIs like CPH (Cost Per Hour), Customer, Department, Equipment Group, and individual Utilization, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Alerts

Customer Engagement

Equipment List, Rented List, New, Used, For Rent. Warehouse, Dock, and Allied

Please note that our product offerings may change over time as we introduce new solutions and retire others. 

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