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Are your field workers spending too much time on the phone with the office?

Then this is for you. UR-MESSAGING which uses email or IM to keep your field and office people in constant contact, without the hassle.


Are your workers or departments pointing fingers at other departments for not fulfilling their requests?

If they do, UR-Messaging is an application that will help with communication and reduce friction.

We have seen this in many companies where workers or departments who support each other, tend to point fingers to the other workers or departments, for misplaced requests, missed requests, or even incorrect requests. Sometimes that is emphasized by the lack of a response like, “I have it”, “I got it” or “I will take care of it” from the receiving party or lack of reply from the requesting party. We can help because our UR-Messaging application tracks communications in all directions with the Order Number embedded we can always see where and what the status of a request is and even set alerts for both parties involved and even if it is escalated or handed off to another worker.

  • Tracks Communications in all directions
  • Creates Ownership of Requests
  • Escalation path for messages
  • Requests are Tracked no matter who it is assigned or reassigned
  • Integration with other UR-Applications
  • Customize Groups, Escalations and User Assignments
  • Group Messaging, when someone takes the request, it is removed from the Group and assigned to an individual
  • Reduce lost, misplaced or forgotten requests
  • Increases fulfillment rates
  • Reduce follow up calls
  • Reduce worry and stress
  • Answer your customers with confidence
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Training in minimal works like a typical email client.

And the best part?

Training typically takes minuets and the Field Workers are eager and ready to go!

Other URDESIGNS Add-Ons:

These are stand alone apps that can be combined with each other for optimum application performance.


Ever needed to show proof of delivery? Have you ever need to pull it up instantly? Or asked, “Where is my delivery currently at?”?

Now you can answer them all with UR-Delivery. We track items from shipping, pickup, transportation to delivery. Integrating mapping and turn by turn directions for the fastest route even with traffic.

UR-DSD (Direct Store Delivery)

Do you deliver your products directly to the warehouse or store with returns?

If you’re a Manufacturer of a product that directly distributes to the store or a warehouse distribution company the directly delivers products to stores, this is something for you. Whether you have a sales group creating the orders or if your drivers create them on-site, this application has it all.


Need to get up to date information about your Organization?

With this dashboard you get information like Turnover, Field Worker WIP, Close Rates, on-time and overdue. Most of these are broken down to the customer, field worker, and manufacturer or product.


Have you ever needed to Inspect something and track it?

Then UR-Inspections is what you’re looking for. The Inspections can be created in the office and can have mandatory items to complete. UR-Inspections can be customized and used anywhere with PDF Documents of the action. They are always available.


Ever needed the pictures from the delivery to compare to the pick up pictures?

We help you determine if there is or how much was customer damage and we make it easy for you.

UR-Customer Portal

Customers asking about Orders or Invoices over and over again?

This is what ties it all together. Customers can open their AR and see what is outstanding and print their invoices and receipts (Orders) to review or pay. They can also open orders and check, request statuses on open orders.


Do you service anything in the field or shop?

Then this is for you. The heart and soul of our Field Service Solutions, this is designed to create, keep your customers, and empower your field service people to preform to your expectations.

Screenshots of UR-MESSAGING in Action:

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