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A Case Study on the UR-Field Service Solution that overcame the challenges of implementing a mobile field service solution that’s powerful and transformative. Read the case study below or download it now.

Empowering Equipment Sales, Rental, and Service Companies:
A Mobile Field Service Triumph

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In the fast-paced world of Equipment Sales, Rental, and Service, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring operational efficiency is crucial. This case study recounts the personal experiences of Eric Dobbins a Director of Information Systems, who, faced with the challenges of implementing a mobile field service solution, took a leap of faith to create a powerful and transformative solution.

The Promise of Seamless Integration

As a Director of Information Systems at a leading company in the equipment industry, we were promised a seamless integration of a Mobile Field Service solution from our ERP vendor.

The idea was to streamline operations, enable quick order processing, and enhance customer satisfaction. However, upon attempting to deliver the solution, we encountered glaring issues that hindered its effectiveness.

Choosing the Path of Innovation

Faced with a critical decision, we halted our pursuit of the vendor’s solution and chose to innovate from scratch. The goal was clear: design and implement a field service solution that would be intuitive, efficient, and tailored to our specific needs.

Thus, we embarked on creating a system that made order processing as simple as filling out paperwork, while empowering our ERP system to handle the rest.

Effortless Training and Quick Adoption

The success of any system implementation hinges on user adoption. With this in mind, we designed our solution focusing on user-friendliness and simplicity. The result was astounding – training time was reduced to 2 to 4 hours, with only a tiny percentage of employees needing re-training. A seamless transition to the new system ensured our teams were well-equipped to handle their responsibilities efficiently.

Measurable Results and Operational Efficiency

Once the Mobile Field Service solution was fully implemented, we began to witness significant improvements across various key performance indicators. We tracked and measured metrics like Paper in Process, Work Order Closure Rates, Work Order Duration, and more – all of which were previously difficult to monitor.

These improvements translated to better customer service, streamlined processes, and ultimately, a competitive edge.

Navigating the Storm: The Recession Challenge

A recession hit, and the industry faced a steep decline in new equipment orders, returning rentals, and cautious customers prolonging equipment usage. However, the implementation of the Mobile Field Service solution proved to be our parachute during this tumultuous period. The streamlined processes and increased operational efficiency allowed us to manage with just a +/- 1 to 2% profit, despite the challenging economic environment.

Looking Ahead: Lessons Learned and Future Preparedness

In retrospect, the recession served as a stark reminder of the importance of forward-thinking and preparedness. While sales efforts are crucial, investing in core infrastructure items like Mobile Field Service, Safety, Fleet Management, and Customer Engagement Solutions can be the lifeline that sustains a business through tough times. Securing and locking in customers during prosperous times helps build loyalty and ensures continued success even when the market is volatile

URDesigns Inc.: Powering Your Future

Inspired by the success of the Mobile Field Service Solution, Eric Dobbins former Director of Information Systems ventured forth and founded URDesigns Inc. Pronounced “Your Designs,” the company specializes in designing intuitive, powerful, and future-proof solutions for equipment sales, rental, and service companies.

URDesigns’ solutions, rooted in simplicity and innovation, empower businesses to exceed customer expectations, foster loyalty, and navigate future challenges with confidence.

Conclusion: Embracing the Future with URDesigns Inc.

The case study illustrates the triumphs and challenges faced by a Director of Information Systems in implementing a Mobile Field Service solution. Through innovative thinking, a focus on user-friendliness, and a dedication to securing customers, the company weathered the storm of a recession and emerged stronger than ever.

The key lesson learned is that investments in core infrastructure, especially during prosperous times, can pave the way for long-term success and resiliency in the face of uncertainty.

Invest in the power of Fleet Management today with URDesigns Inc. Let us help you take charge of your fleet and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities. Together, we will pave the way to a prosperous tomorrow. 

A Case Study on the UR-Field Service Solution that overcame the challenges of implementing a mobile field service solution that’s powerful and transformative. Download it now!


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