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A World Class Mobile Solutions Provider.

URDesigns is a software development company headed by Eric Dobbins, an expert in the field of mobile solutions since 1998. For over 20 years, he has perfected the art of connecting field personnel to a company’s business systems—usually to improve overall efficiency and productivity, just to name a few of the benefits. He founded URDesigns with the aim to partner with customers, help them organize their existing business processes, streamline it, and then drop all the unnecessary complexities; all while packaged in our capable mobile solutions.

We start with a simple assessment of your company’s profile and needs, then match it with the mobile solutions we currently have: from Field Service Solutions, Delivery and Warehouse Solutions, and ultimately to 100% Custom Solutions that are tailor-made to our customers’ requirements. If your company does service in a field or shop, our Field Service Solution is the one for you, while our Delivery & Warehouse Solutions is for companies seeking to integrate inventory, tracking, purchasing, shipment, delivery, and return processing into just one simple business process. Our most flexible solution yet is the 100% Custom Solutions, that is designed from the ground up by our clients themselves, to fit their unique and specific needs. In everything we do, we base it all off on our clients’ preferences. UR-Way is the right way.

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