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15% or more of your Service Department payroll may be wasted.

Equipment Field Service companies who still operate on paper or manual processes are paying more than they should.

Mobile Field Service.

Do More With Your Current Workforce.

While working with an equipment company, as I am measuring the whole paper process, what I see is shocking, even to me as I never thought it could take that long.


The paper process on average took 64 minutes for each Work Order.

While on Mobile, it only takes an average of 18 minutes.


The Mobile Process freed up time not only for the Service Technician, and Dispatcher/Billing Clerk, but it impacts the Parts Department and Sales department as well. Saving time in each area.


Reduce the time spent on filling out and sending the orders.

Dispatcher/Billing Clerk

Reduce the time sending the order to the Tech and eliminate the need to re-enter the order after the Tech turned it in.


Now only needs to be involved if they need a part or when the tech does not have the correct one.


Customers Special Handling is given at the opening of the order so the Techs almost can’t get it wrong –  saving sales time, calming down customers, or having to find new one.

When you reallocate the time saved to more core business functions, you end up getting more done in a day, and happier customers too. 

How We Help Our Customers Succeed

URDesigns Mobile Field Service (UR-Tech) is designed to combat these time draining issues that are costing you way more than you think.

Changes like these set your company up for “Faster Growth” because it is easier to replicate and create “Recession Resistant” departments within the company.

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