Safety Compliance becomes a requirement. As it should be.


Even though OSHA has some strict adherence requirements, some employers wilfully fail to comply with the regulations or protocols that have been mandated. In order to help ensure compliance, OSHA requires businesses to have a designated safety officer whose duty it is to perform routine safety inspections and keep records of all of the measures the company has taken to ensure workplace safety. The safety officer must document safety meetings, training sessions, maintenance records and any infractions the company has committed.


It is possible, however, for businesses to falsify these records in order to avoid liability following an accident, so it is important to obtain the records quickly— before they can be doctored, destroyed or amended. A lot of useful information can be gleaned through these records and how well they were kept. An attorney can use them to determine whether your employer has anything to hide, or has a long standing history of skirting the rules. Even if the records have been falsified, they can be compared with other evidence to assess the accuracy and expose an attempt to cover up the illegal behavior.


One of the most important reasons OSHA has mandated the routine inspection of certain equipment and facilities is that employers have far too much temptation not to regulate themselves. When the bottom line is a greater priority than the safety of the workers these companies owe their successes to, it is important to hold them accountable to the full extent of the law. A worker should always remember this, as it is his right, if he feels his safety is compromised.


How Can You Avoid This?

Having the right tools that would make sure the company is strict on safety compliance is essential. It greatly minimizes the risks of workplace accidents, holds companies accountable if they try to bypass this requirement as it can serve as documents that need to be evaluated in the rare case of an accident happening. The safety of the workers is the number one priority while these checklists and inspections can also protect the company in cases of an investigation of an accident that was out of their hands. To put it simply, safety is a two way system dependent on both the workers and their employer and can only work if there is a right tool connecting them. You can contact us for more information.

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