Successful resolving of an issue on the first customer visit.

How UR-Tech helps with an increase in the First Time Fix (FTF) rate.

The UR-TECH Application was designed by technicians for technicians while also keeping the back office processes in mind. We took the usual processes and issues that are often encountered onsite, then simplified and unified it in a mobile solution that aims in empowering your team members. Empowered technicians with these tools could lead to a boost in their performance, which leads to an increase in the rate of your company’s First Time Fix (FTF), which comprises a large percentage in achieving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and best of all profitability.

This page will address how FTF is integrated with our premiere Field Service Solution, UR-TECH.

Improper Diagnosis and Parts Unavailability.

These are the most common issues technicians face onsite when there is a lack of a proper communication channels that will equip them with the right knowledge and tools to use during a customer visit. We address all the friction and finger pointing that often happens within the different departments of a service company.

UR-Tech’s features include a Messaging function that connect all the departments together by letting them send messages back and forth in real time. This messaging feature is especially useful between technicians and the Parts Department because through this they can send important information that techs don’t even have to add to the request like: Work Orders, Serial Numbers, Manufacturing Numbers, Make, Model, etc. which are automatically added to the message. This tool is very helpful as it updates the inventory in real time, giving the technician an idea as to what resources to use at hand when on site. This feature also lets the Dispatch Unit send the right technician for the job, taking into account his skill set that is needed for that particular visit.

You have to think of your company as a machine that needs to be oiled and maintained with the right products in order for the different parts to run smoothly together. A well-oiled machine can take you places, especially when steered in the right direction. In this scenario, UR-TECH will be the oil that will help your company achieve your goals and uplift your team members.

The Right Communication Chanel Between Departments

UR-TECH also addresses the question, “Does the Technician have the correct PM / OM Parts?

UR-TECH has a feature for PM / OM’s, showing the previous parts used for the PM / OM. This will show you not only the part but the quantity used and the quantity the technician has in his van or stock. If the technician does not have the parts, he can simply select and request the parts from the Parts Department. This is all done behind the scenes and the important information like Service Order and equipment information is supplied to the parts department with the request. So, there is no mistake in what, who and where the parts go to.

Access to Customer Information

UR-TECH gives the technician access to important customer records needed to resolve a problem on the first visit. With this, the technician would not go into the site blind. They’ll be better equipped with the right information to resolve the issue at hand. Knowing a customer’s equipment background can be a very powerful tool for technicians who are called on field because they will now know what to expect since they are given a grasp of the situation beforehand.

Information seen on our application include the History, Hour or Periodic Maintenance (PM) Readings, Warranty, and Contract details the customer and equipment have with the company.

UR-Tech also added a feature called Tech Notes, which replaces the usual small notebook technicians carry around to take notes during and after a visit. This gives the current tech an insight on the tried and tested methods the techs before him had done on that specific customer or equipment.

Time Management

The mark of a successful First Time Fix Visit is finishing everything, all the processes, during the first visit you have with a customer. Of course, results of the visit should lead to a very satisfied customer. Ideally, this successful visit should include all the paperwork involved before, during, and after a service call.

UR-TECH lets a technician receive a Service Order from the Dispatch Unit with the instructions and add parts and labor to the Order and after the tech is done with his work, he can immediately let a customer sign in on the order to indicate that it has been finished. The best thing about this is the order is sent to the back office directly to be processed. All the Service, parts, labor, notes, and inspections are updated in the back office. The customer gets their receipt or invoice via email immediately. This saves a lot of time for the company as well as your customer. No more waiting for orders to be dug up under a pile of paperwork, saving days of waiting to be acknowledged and invoiced.

Remember, transparency with your customers is also key in achieving FTF.

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