We are now at the age of handheld devices and smartphones. It’s been both a blessing – bridging gaps in communications, and a curse as it has taken up our whole lives and has now become something  we probably can’t live without.


Americans are viewing their smartphones more often than ever beforeon average 52 times per day and more than a third of adults report using their smartphones “very/fairly often” for business purposes outside normal working hours.


So we list down today’s best applications for productivity to avoid wasting so much time on our handhelds doing other things. We know all too well how other applications can be distracting and can hurt one’s productivity (Social media apps, anyone?).

And we say “today” because the thing with technology is it is constantly improving and evolving. What is good or popular today be obsolete tomorrow, replaced with something better. This may be harsh but this is the world we live in now – a quick-paced with fast turnovers technology dominant age. We have thousands and thousands of developers out there dedicated to making our lives better by developing different mobile applications.

And just like our ancestors before us, we learn and we adopt.

So now, unto the best PRODUCTIVITY APPLICATIONS we swear by. Starting with our favorite for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).



Nimble is a CRM online tool that is incredibly helpful in nurturing your contacts with its different features like Contact Management, Sales and Marketing Automation, a dashboard that shows your progress in Tasks, Calendar Appointments, Sales Pipeline, and so much more. It is available at both desktop and on mobile.

Picture from nimble.com


We mainly use it to segregate our contacts and put them in different buckets for easier tracking and management. Nimble lets you sync with your Google Apps or Office 365 contacts, calendars, email and social interactions to give you the most accurate and current information.

Picture from nimble.com


The feature we really love though is their Group Email Marketing which enables you to send personalized group messages to different contact groups. Emails sent out are tracked, analyzed, and reported in real time. The emails you send out are from your personal business email and are sent with a sincere one-on-one approach in mind and not seen as a mass email blast. This results in more opens and clicks to your emails.

Picture from nimble.com

What we also love about Nimble being a CRM tool is how easy it is to nurture and update your contacts with their Nimble Prospector. It’s the feature we love most about this app! All you do is hop on to any social site, website, or cloud application to create and enrich contact records. The Prospector delivers details such as: email, phone, company name, job title, and location. It’s like magic.

Picture from nimble.com


Here are some of their benefits listed from their website:

  • Prospect Smarter, Faster

  • Nurture Customer Relationships

  • Close More Deals

  • Work Smarter Everywhere


Try out Nimble here!

Watch out for the next application on our list! We have more in different categories!

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