Is your business organization ready to undergo digital transition? Do you find transitioning intimidating or difficult? Is it really necessary? In this post, we’ll tackle common digital transition questions head on and one by one to make it easier to understand. For the “newcomers”, digital transition can be quite confusing. But first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room…

What exactly is Digital Transition?

Digital Transition “focuses on the basic (though still potentially massive) shift from analog, or physical, information to that which is stored, recalled or manipulated, using a digital platform”. It basically mean shifting from your usual, tried and tested business system to a new digital method.


But Why Should We Transition to Digital?


You’re not the only company to ask yourselves that. Even successful digital companies  have at some point asked if they should take the plunge. Because really, why should you shift from something that’s comfortable and has been working just fine for the organization over the months or years? Why would you make your life difficult by adapting something that is completely foreign?

The answer to that is simple – Growth. Overall improvement as a company, being able to find your place and to cater to the evolving needs and wants of your customers in the ever evolving fast paced and noisy world of technology.


Does it Answer to a Growing Demand from Customers?


Customers in the digital age are wiser and more knowledgeable in what they’re looking for. What they now want is to be treated to a customer experience that is intuitive, unique, and more efficient. The world of social media and apps has conditioned everyone to desire for an easier life and as consumers, they expect companies to deliver that to them.

Apart from making their lives more convenient, customers are also now very particular with how much time they spend. Digital platforms have spoiled them with not only instant gratification but have made them aware that there are certain processes that can be done with a tap or swipe of their finger. Everything they need is online and if these social media sites can deliver, they see no reason for others to not be able to deliver.

As a company, you shouldn’t be left behind with these demands.

What Do I Do Now?

Companies must have the urgency to learn to adopt and speed up the implementation of digitally powered processes, customer experiences, and ways of working across their different teams and organizations. If transitioning to digital platforms is not among a CEO’s top two priorities over the next two to three years, his or her company runs the risk of being displaced in its own industry. And that is something that you do not want.


Now there are more concerns and questions when it comes to digital transition and transformation. We will discuss these probing questions in the next part of our Digital Transition series next week. But if you have any questions or need help in transitioning, you can talk to us about it.

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