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Why come and work for us?


We, URDesigners, are composed of a dynamic group of professionals who work together passionately and strive to give our customers the best service we can muster.

We all come from different professional backgrounds but have one thing in common, we are all willing to learn to improve on the needed skills to be of value to the company. As long as one is willing to be trained, there is a massive room for you to grow. We are all still on this path and if you join us, we’ll take the journey of growth and improvement together!

Apart from working on establishing a well maintained relationship with our partners, we also know how to have fun! We nurture close knit relationships and practice a relaxed environment in our office that make our team members comfortable when working. We have weekly lunches to just let loose and know each other more to be able to work better together.

You know what they say,

Join us in the dark side… We have cookies!

Benefits and Perks:

Flexible Schedule

Be in charge of your own schedule as long as you work within the required number of hours.

New Computer

We only want the best for the customers so we make sure our team members use the newest computers to make some of our software and application magic.

Weekly Lunches

We go out for lunch every week to unwind, connect with each other, and discuss things other than work.

Ideal Office Location

We are near everything in the area. Restaurants, hub spots, and the beach!

Competitive Salary

Our team members’ salaries reflect the amount of work they have contributed to the company. We make sure every one on the team is well compensated.

Free Training

As most of the team members come from different educational backgrounds, we conduct a series of trainings to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to what they’re doing in the company. Frequent training help keep the things they learned in their early years in the company fresh. We make sure every team member is also updated on the newest trends in the industry.

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Be part of this crazy (but professional) bunch:

We swear we are all extremely likeable.

"I love working here because my work schedule is extremely flexible!"
Kimberly de GuzmanMarketing/Company Cat Lady
"This is the best job I’ve ever had because I never fail to learn something new every day."
Nicole CaneteSoftware Developer/Self Proclaimed Queen
"It gave me an outlet to channel my passion and creativity into something worthwhile."
Bronson de GuzmanSoftware Developer & First Level Support/Awkward Professional
"At URDesigns, the laid back atmosphere is great, time is flexible, and learning never stops which I believe benefits the workforce and the Company."
Mia GarciaSoftware Developer & First Level Support/Mastermind of Mischief
I love the freedom you get from the Flexible Schedule. It helps with the unexpected things life throws at you. As a family man this is very important to me.
Chris HengstSoftware Developer & Customer Support/Mr. Clean
"Aside from having a space wherein one can excel in work and themselves, URDesigns treats everyone like family making it an environment worth working in."
Aaron ArnadoSoftware Developer/Lonely Developer

Work With Us!


We don’t have any openings as of the moment but do drop by this page from time to time for updates!

Here are some of our customer/partners:

Apex InstallationH and K

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