Is paperwork draining the lifeblood of your company?

With our code free software you can convert paper to apps in as few as 8 hours.

Paper forms take 66% longer to process.

Statistics and my personal tests show that a paper form takes 66% longer to process from beginning to end than with a mobile application.

Here is a solution and best of all it requires little or from IT, as you decide to use.

Think about the steps it takes to process a form completely. Go from..

With Paper/Manual

  • Developing the form
  • Printing the forms
  • Distributing the forms
  • Filling out the forms
  • Collecting the forms
  • Processing the forms
  • Returning incomplete or incorrect forms
  • Adding to business systems or databases
  • Storing them for the future
  • Retrieving them when needed

With Mobile

  • --- Becomes Developing the Application
  • --- Becomes Deploying the Application
  • --- Handled in Deploying the Application
  • --- Remains the same – except now validated
  • --- Handled in Submit
  • --- Handled in integration
  • --- Handled in the Filling out / validation
  • --- Handled in Integration
  • --- Once written in the database can be displayed anytime but some documents may be stored on the network, this is handled in Integration
  • --- Once written in the database can be displayed anytime but some documents may be stored on the network, this is handled in Integration

The really cool thing is a mobile application can handle all of these functions with a “Click of a Button” in essence reducing the time it takes to process it by 66%.

With mobile applications you have taken this down to just the time to fill it out.

Eliminate partially filled out paperwork. You can also do something that paper cannot do, you can use validation to validate everything was filled to or that the correct answers were chosen.

With a little bit of training and by using workflows that are like “Lego Blocks”, your team can build, deploy, and deliver stunning mobile applications that can then be integrated into your Business Systems

How We Help Our Customers Succeed:

URDesigns Zero-Code / Low Code mobile solutions can automate paper forms, manual, outdated, and complicated processes and turn them into easy to use mobile applications.

Your team will be able to build applications nearly 10X faster than using conventional ways. Once the rest of the company sees what you’re doing with URDesigns, they will want to use it too. That is great because we can accommodate that also.

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