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The Heart and Soul of Our Field Service Solution.

Do you service anything in the field or shop?

We understand your business and the issues you face all day every day. We can help.

Many field service companies have these problems:


  • Where is the paper work, who had it last, where is it now? Does the tech have another copy? This is slowing things down and causing delays.

  • Herding Cats? Getting everyone to follow the agreed upon process is one of the biggest challenges. It seems everybody has their own idea of filling out the paperwork. This creates chaos.

  • Are customers constantly complaining? Customers complain that field service people are not following procedures that you agreed to. They’re not showing up on time, they’re not checking in with the right people. This causes massive customer service issues.

For many field service companies, it gets even worse.


  • Are your technicians selling the additional work, the upsell? This is sometimes called the second segment.

  • Joyriding “Inventory”? Nearly 1/3 of all your parts inventory is going on a joyride around town. The wrong inventory is on the wrong trucks at the wrong time.

  • Jobs are not done right the first time? We all know the saying, “Measure twice cut once.” In this case it takes multiple fixes and with each subsequent fix, the customer gets more frustrated and angrier. Customers often start looking elsewhere after multiple repairs on a job that should have been done right the first time. This is customer churn which is hurting your business.

  • Worst of all, you are leaving money on the table.

There is a better way.

We have the Solution to all the problems listed above.

  • You will always know where your paperwork is at any point of the service. Electronic Orders are far easier to track and see where they are in the process.
  • Our Mobile Solution guides everyone to do the same thing. In fact, we create workflow to ensure the process is completed the same way every time. Eliminating the missing meter reading or missing purchase order number.
  • Technicians will always see what the customer requirements are every time they go into the order. Thus, increasing visibility and informing your Technicians how to handle the customer as the customer wishes.
  • We have a way to track repairs needed and display them to the customer get their take and record their responses. Customers can say yes, no, next service or quote me. What gets their attention a big RED stripe on the Finalize page, that they must provide an answer for.
  • You will have the right Inventory in the vans that they use based on their skill levels, customer base, and usage. Reducing the “ride along”, increasing the parts needed to repair and most of all, increasing inventory turns.
  • Technicians can get the work done the first time because they have a clear picture of what the customer needs, History of the units, the right parts, Previous PM’s and items to be done on next visit. Therefore, your first-time fix rate will increase and customer churn will decrease.
  • You’re not leaving money on the table because the Technicians are up selling services to customers. They are not wasting their, yours, and the customer’s time. Becoming more efficient by having the knowledge to do the job right the first time and having the right Inventory in each van based on the Technician’s Skill, Customer Base and usage, as well as what needed to be ordered versus on hand.

We understand your business needs and what it takes to deliver stellar service. We are ready to take you to this level of readiness, if you’re ready? Let’s get started!

Now Let’s Imagine….

Imagine for a moment, the following 8 statements are true about your field service organization:


  1. You know where the paperwork is at each step of the process without having to ask or look for it.
  2. The labor, parts, and comments are added directly to the Order in the business system without someone in the office entering it.
  3. Everyone doing the same function, does it the same way and wants to.
  4. Customer specific instructions are visible every time the field person views the order.
  5. You’re not leaving money on the table because the customer is reminded that additional work is needed when signing for the order.
  6. Your field workers have nearly the same second segment rate and you can track it.
  7. 1/3 of your parts inventory is not just going on a joy ride around town. You have the right parts in the right vans at the right times.
  8. Achieving (FTF) First Time Fix and seeing costs go down.


Now that you can see this, is this a day where all the stars align? No – what if this was every day? How hard would it be to make your numbers, holding your margins and recovery rates? What would this do for the business? What would this do for you?

We can get you there.


  • Help achieve First Time Fix (FTF)
  • Paperless
  • Work assigned from office
  • Customer instructions are on the tablet
  • Field Worker has access to: Ownership, Service History, previous Hour and PM meter readings, Warranty, and Maintenance Contract details
  • PM / GM Inspections can be customized and can be set up by class, category, or equipment
  • Parts Inventory available for Field Worker’s Van and they can see Inventory for Team mates, Consignments, and Warehouses
  • If the Field Worker needs a part, a message is sent to the Parts Department with all of the relevant data (The tech sends “Need Starter”). Parts will receive: Work Order, Segment, Mfg, Model, Serial Number, and Internal Number for lookup.
  • Review the document with customer and up-sell items suggested by inspection. Great for inexperienced Field Workers
  • Field Workers’ time is automatically updated in the ERP system
  • Field Worker finalizes the Work Order and it is set to a status where the office takes over to review and invoice the Work Order. At this point, adjustments can be made. Optionally, we can Invoice the customer with no further interactions
  • Tech Notes, where the technician shares their “Pocket Notepad” with any Field Worker working a unit
  • Work Order contact management at the Field Worker’s fingertips. Add and deactivate email lists for signatures on the fly

And the best part?

Training typically takes 4 hours and the Field Workers are eager and ready to go!

Other URDESIGNS Add-Ons:

These are stand alone apps that can be combined with each other for optimum application performance.


Ever needed to show proof of delivery? Have you ever need to pull it up instantly? Or asked, “Where is my delivery currently at?”?

Now you can answer them all with UR-Delivery. We track items from shipping, pickup, transportation to delivery. Integrating mapping and turn by turn directions for the fastest route even with traffic.

UR-DSD (Direct Store Delivery)

Do you deliver your products directly to the warehouse or store with returns?

If you’re a Manufacturer of a product that directly distributes to the store or a warehouse distribution company the directly delivers products to stores, this is something for you. Whether you have a sales group creating the orders or if your drivers create them on-site, this application has it all.


Need to get up to date information about your Organization?

With this dashboard you get information like Turnover, Field Worker WIP, Close Rates, on-time and overdue. Most of these are broken down to the customer, field worker, and manufacturer or product.


Have you ever needed to Inspect something and track it?

Then UR-Inspections is what you’re looking for. The Inspections can be created in the office and can have mandatory items to complete. UR-Inspections can be customized and used anywhere with PDF Documents of the action. They are always available.


Ever needed the pictures from the delivery to compare to the pick up pictures?

We help you determine if there is or how much was customer damage and we make it easy for you.

UR-Customer Portal

Customers asking about Orders or Invoices over and over again?

This is what ties it all together. Customers can open their AR and see what is outstanding and print their invoices and receipts (Orders) to review or pay. They can also open orders and check, request statuses on open orders.


Are your field workers spending too much time on the phone with the office?

Messaging is a key piece of our solution suites. We use email or IM to keep your field and office people in constant contact, without the added blah blah blah. UR-Messaging is built with Logging for trace ability and track ability.

Screenshots of UR-TECH in Action:

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