How are you going to prepare for the Windows CE and Embedded Mobile End of Life?


Major enterprises are facing a new critical decision: How to prepare their handheld devices for a major operating system (OS) transition. Microsoft has been gradually ending support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld.

What does Windows End of Life mean exactly?

Well, it means that devices running these operating systems will no longer receive Windows security patches or software updates—which will leave your devices vulnerable to viruses and malware, and you won’t be able to add any new applications to those devices.

Here are the official end-of-life dates for these systems:

With these dates quickly approaching, it’s time for enterprises across the nation to begin creating a transition strategy for nearly 15 million enterprise devices dependent on a Windows legacy OS.


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How are you going to make the transition if you’ve been dependent on these devices for so long?

It’s best to select a partner that will help you navigate the transition process, answering all your questions regarding compatibility, integration, and future business needs. URDesigns provides Applications and Rapid Development platform that work with most all devices available.



Selecting the proper development platform will help you with hardware options. That now, hardware becomes more of a preference rather than something set in stone. Enabling you to future proof your hardware, have a mixed environment and/or evaluate new devices alongside of the old ones. The best part? You’ll never be forced by an OS to rebuild your software ever again.


If you’re struggling with the decisions on software and hardware End of Life, contact us for a free assessment.


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