Our Stellar Partners program is a new URDesigns program dedicated to listing down people and companies whom we have worked with and would now highly recommend to you. Under each company, you’ll see a link to videos talking about what that company does and another link that would enable interested parties to set up an introduction via us.

The very first person we have in our Stellar Partners series is Matt Denburg from Schooley Mitchell.


Click the link to learn more about him and what his company specializes:

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Read the podcast transcript below:

And hello, everybody. My name is Eric Dobbins and I’m with the company called URDesigns. I’m the President and CEO. Basically we do mobile applications and what we do is that we basically take and extend your ERP system to the field. And that’s basically what we do. I’m on this call today to communicate another service that we like. I have a friend of ours- our partner friend that we work with. His name is MATT DENBURG and Matt, I’m gonna let you introduce yourself and tell everybody what it is you guys do.


Alright. Hi, Eric and thanks for the introduction. So my name is Matt Denburg and I am a Cost Reduction Consultant with a company called Schooley Mitchell. And in a nutshell, what we do is we specialize in three specific spend areas that most businesses incur. That’s telecommunications expenses, electronic payment processing expenses like accepting debit and credit cards and then the cost of shipping packaged goods using FedEx, UPS, and similar type carriers. These are cost areas that a lot of businesses don’t have clear understanding of because it’s not part of their core business. That’s where we come in. We’re independent consultants and we analyze these cost areas for the client and identify areas where they can reduce those expenses. We don’t sell these services, we are not affiliated with the providers and most of the time our recommendations are within the client’s current carriers. This will result in about 30% savings.


 So in other words, the customer whose gonna be using you may or may not even have to change their carrier. Meaning their telecom, their merchant processing or shipping carriers that they currently have. You guys just find out better ways to save money throughout the things that they already have or make recommendations for something else, is that right?


That’s correct, Eric. We typically will look for the savings opportunities and find them within the client’s incumbent providers and typically there’s not a reason to switch unless the client is not happy with the service their getting.


And just to let you guys know, how I met Matt was through a company I worked with. I was a Director of Information Systems and one of the things that was under my wheelhouse, so to speak, was the telephones, cellular services. We had a huge cellular bill and every single month it seemed like it was growing and growing and growing and we were doing mobile applications and adding these things unto it. And when Matt came to us, we had a bill that I think after the first few months we reduced it by I think it was somewhere around 20% in the first set. And then we even found more savings after we moved stuff around in a little bit further down where we actually saved another I think 20%. And we almost – by the time we were finished with the first two years of the contract – I think we’d almost cut the bills in half. Which is huge when you’re talking about cell services. I mean it was, as far as I can remember, that was one of the most – that was one of the easiest choices I ever made. Just, you know… and that was great. I mean we really, really loved that. And I’ll talk about the services probably in the next video, what they offer in addition to this but that’s kinda what you guys were doing. Is that… am I about right on that, Matt? Does that sound about right with what we did with those guys?


Yeah… that’s correct. And you are correct that we had two different rounds of recommendations that resulted in about a 20% reduction. And not only that, we kept the bill down for an extended period of time so we reduce it and we keep it there.


Exactly. And that’s what’s so great about it. One of the things that I noticed is you know, we always have peaks and valleys in different users. And one of the services that they do is that they actually go in and look at your phone bills just before invoicing, which is before your company get invoice. And they make these slight tweaks and changes that help keep you under at the smallest possible… what do you call it? The smallest possible plan for the least amount of money and moving people around to keep it in there, which is (one of the) it was just the way that they were doing… it was just awesome. And we were able to pull this off and you know, I honestly… it was one of the coolest things that we did. And I really, really liked that and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to kind of you know, introduce this to my customer and potential customers because saving that kind of money allowed us to put money in other places, which is exactly what we wanted to do. Cause when you look at those big bills, I mean your hard line bills, your cellphone bills, you credit card processing those aren’t huge items. They’re not big ticket items but when you can take and save that in your infrastructure it’s just a huge plus. It basically gave us budget money to do more stuff with, which was really cool. Well, get budget money for them to take away from me and give to somebody else but it happens most of the time…




… but that’s the way it normally works. We save money in our areas and we ended up giving it to somebody else to buy trucks with or something like that. So it was… it’s the way the business bounces. But anyway, one of the things I’m gonna do is put to Matt and (his) Schooley Mitchell on our website so you guys will be able to get there from our website, which is www.ur-designs.com. If you haven’t been there, definitely take a gander sometime. And then also, we’ll link you guys up and send information over to you. If you’re interested in this service, please go through that. We’ll give you a special link to go in and talk to Matt and basically see if they can help you guys out.  I mean, they’ve done so much for us in the past that I honestly… I would feel bad if I didn’t tell people about his services. Okay so I just wanted you guys to know that. Alright? Matt, anything you wanted to put in the closing cause we’re trying to keep em’ short.


No. I just wanted to say thanks for having me this morning and for everyone whose listening, No I didn’t pay Eric to say all these nice things about me.


Exactly and that’s one of those things. I honestly… you know, as we were looking at this stuff and as I was looking at people that I wanted to promote, this was one those people. This is one of the people who came to us who made a difference in our business. And I really enjoyed that and I enjoy working with the guys and I just wanted to say that again. Alright. so I’m gonna… that’s gonna be it for today. We’ll catch you with another one. Thank you guys very much. Alright.


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