Workers Compensation Insurance too high?

Are injuries plaguing your organization?

Are you just looking to create a safer environment for your employees?


Maybe it is hard to get people to think about safety, but it shouldn’t be.


During my first day at work, on which I was transitioning from a Field Service Technician (who worked on Large IBM and Networking Equipment) to an IT Manager, our CEO knocks on the door. He asks, “Can you help me do a safety investigation where a Maintenance Tech lost his left hand working in a piece of equipment?” My mouth dropped open, hairs on the back of my neck and back stood up and I got nauseous. I remember thinking to myself, “I didn’t sign up for this…


I investigated and discussed the accident with the others in the company. The person in question had worked around this equipment for years and never had an incident. But it seems that with familiarity comes complacency. Without going into a lot of detail, we concluded that the incident could have been avoidable because the technician, it was revealed, did not follow proper Lock Out – Tag Out procedures.


But what if… there was a way to remind the technician of the procedures to remind them of the danger? Sometimes incidents like this are unavoidable, but in other cases they are – with a little reminder. One of the things we have been seeing is an uptick in Safety Programs, where individuals must certify that they are acting responsibly while preforming the work.


But wait a minute, building an Application – does that really work? The answer is YES. Like a reminder, they must certify that they are working safe and once the seed is planted, accidents are greatly reduced. But are they signed often enough to really make a difference?


We have had an uptick in requests for Safety Applications, wherein they must certify that the workplace is safe to proceed before they can see the work they need to perform. This puts the person in a slightly higher readiness to work safer and can refuse to perform the work if the areas are unsafe. If someone selects unsafe, we notify designated people to either resolve or redirect the worker. We have even seen the same application developed for Desk Jockeys (Desk Employees) to reduce things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bad posture, back, leg, and eye injury. The uses are limitless.


We currently have an application where you can configure the safety questions and create workflow on the responses, helping to ensure a safer workplace. Contact us for more information.


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In everything we do,

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