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Business Applications

Make work easier for everyone.

Build Business Applications 10x Faster.

It normally takes MONTHS to build a business application
and WEEKS to deploy to the users.

You need a code free platform that can build your business applications
and deploy them x10 faster.

Build, Deploy, & Manage Apps... 10x faster.


Code Free and Cross Platform

Cross platform apps made easy.

Quickly create apps for Android, iOS, Windows and the Web.

Deploy Instantly Code Free Platform

Make changes & deploy instantly.

No vendor service fees. No app store approval delays. No worries.

Reduce Your Costs

Eliminate inefficiencies, streamline your business processes & reduce operational costs.

Rapid Digital Transformation

Digitally transform your business in no time using our code-free approach to app creation.

Competitive Advantage

Gain competitive advantage with apps tailored to your unique business processes.

pre-built business applications

Build All The Apps You Want

Our code-free app development platform enables you to quickly & easily build all the apps you want, so you can automate any business process without additional cost.

build your own business applications

Easily Integrated

All of your apps can communicate seamlessly with each other and easily integrate to existing backend & legacy systems, helping you eliminate data silos & share cross-departmental info.

business application step 3

Retain Ownership of Your Data

With SaaS platforms, your data is on the internet and managed by other people. With our solutions, the data is where you want it to be. Retain full control of your data.

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We too have been in your shoes, needing to build a business application and not knowing how.

With over 35 years in the software industry and developing applications since 1999, we have found many uses for rapid deployment applications.

We help take you from Stressed and Unsure to Calm and Confident with our Code Free Platform to build your own business applications.

Does your IT Department and Operations always see eye to eye on changing applications?

If you're like most companies, the answer is NO.

This comes from IT wanting to keep your data safe and Operations wanting to make work easier for everyone.

It doesn't have to be that way. Have the best of both worlds by using a Code Free Platform.


20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Having an App Made

Know the questions and the answers.

Working with us is easy.

Get Started on Building business applications Today!

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Schedule a 15 min. call.


Together, we build a solution plan.

custom business applications


You start using your apps.

At URDesigns, we know that
you want to be a successful leader.

To do that, you need to continuously find innovative ways to increase your employee’s efficiency and reduce their wasted time. The problem is your running out of ideas which makes you feel like you are failing and becoming a bad leader. We believe no leader should feel that way.

We understand how hard it is to find innovative ways to improve operational efficiency without adding additional work which is why we provide zero code platform that helps your employees do more in less time.
  1. Schedule a 15 min. call.​
  2. Together, we build a solution plan.
  3. You start using your apps.

Then just simply repeat the process, again and again, until there is no wasted time to be found.

Using our application is super easy. We deploy the applications to the users and the users execute the application. They fill out the information and they’re done!

Forms come in all shapes and sizes and some are easier than others. A simple one-page form takes less than 8 hours, including some integrations. New applications are instantly deployed.

No, the apps are not deployed through Apple or Android. We handle that for you. Your applications run inside of our wrapper. So, you can deploy, test, change, and redeploy right away.

Very Secure! The database where the platform resides is in your network or in your private cloud. We encrypt all data transmitted from the server to the mobile device.

The databases residing on the devices are also encrypted. You can only read them through our development environment. Your data is not somewhere on the internet.

Best of all, you will not have to pay to download your data if you choose to go for another solution.

Yes, it is scalable. How far it can scale depends on a lot of factors, but at this point I have not found a limit.  

We can add more servers to distribute the workloads. It seems to be endless and restricted only by the database supporting it. 

This is a little more complicated than a pricing matrix. There are many factors involved in with pricing. We must consider devices supported number of servers needed. We also must consider volume of servers and users.  

We have discounts for length of commitment, applications included. You would like for us to write the first application for you. Any of these variable or combination of, are why we will need to see your vision before we can give you a price. 

We offer, for a limited time, a “No App Authoring” license. This allows you to use the applications at a discounted price from the “Full App Authoring”.  

Applications will work like the “Full Application Authoring” version. But you will need to have us build the applications for you. Contact us for Pricing and details.

No, our Platform allows you to slice and dice the data as needed. Deliver only the data that the user needs at the time they need it. Rather than slowing them down and synchronizing tones of useless (for that user) Data. 

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Our Customer Are Saying...

“Since rolling out (URDesigns), service department workflow has improved with less paperwork, reduced scanning, and fewer extra phone calls and emails. This has also helped us complete service calls faster and get customers up and running more quickly.”

Pete C.

I.T Director of H&K Equipment Group

“Other companies that I have spoken to have not always been able to go paperless. They have used products that got them some reduction in paper, but not completely paperless, this one does!”


Paul S.

Service Manager

100% Code Free.

different business applications

Write once, deploy anywhere.

Create business apps for any device using our mobile app development platform:

Build native apps for any iOS, Android, or Windows-based device

Create feature-rich web apps & portals that work consistently across all HTML 4 / 5 compliant browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all mobile variants)

Create a single app that looks, feels, and operates consistently across all platforms, both native and web-based

Perfect for Enterprise Apps.

Truly native, enterprise-class client database so users can work - even without network connectivity

Supports high-frequency sync operations with millions of records per device, accommodates network failures without data loss, and operates automatically in the background so users aren't interrupted

Military-grade security & encryption, invisible two-factor authentication, Active Directory/LDAP support, remote device lock/wipe, and more

Flexible/scalable server architecture to accommodate growth and handle complex load balancing, disaster recovery, etc.

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