What is Customer Churn?

CUSTOMER CHURN: The act of gaining good customers just to have another department loose them. In most cases because of not delivering what was promised in the sales cycle.

* Is Customer Churn a major problem in your company?

* Do your Field Workers always know what the “Special Handling” is for each customer?

* Is “Special Handling” for each customer always available to your Field Workers?

* Are specific details for each customer immediately pulled by Field Workers when they’re on site?

* Are Field Workers able to anticipate the needs of your customers to be able to WOW them?

* Is “Special Handling” just a special problem?

Are you wondering why you’re losing the customers you’ve worked so hard to gain? You spend all the time on marketing and sending your sales people and finally getting them to become a customer. Then after setting up all “Special Handling”, your sales people hand it off to the Servicing Department only to lose them after the next encounter?

Customers will always expect to be treated the way they want to be treated. The real work comes in retaining your customers and making sure you live up to their evolving expectations. Customers leave because they expect you to do something right and you weren’t able to do it as they expected. In short, in most cases, customers leave because you did something wrong in their eyes.

Imagine Field Workers being shown how to correctly handle your customers every time the service the customer. Reducing customer churn, because a properly handled customer does not leave. With this tool, you can continuously wow your customers the way they want to be wowed. With this tool, you’re setting yourself apart from everyone else.

Would you be interested to talk about it? Or maybe you would like to schedule a guided demo with no obligations to buy?

Either way, please let us know as we are here to help you.


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