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URDesigns Innovative Apps is built with equipment service in mind. Having worked for an equipment company and worked with many  Applications, I know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

That is not all that sets us apart from the others. You may be here to eliminate waste, get a competitive edge, or just make work a little easier for everyone. We are here to help you succeed and flourish for whatever reason you are looking into Mobile.

With URDesigns Innovative Apps, you also get... 

Granular Applications – With Field Service applications, some companies and for that matter some Technicians want to reduce paper but are not ready to enlist all the functions available with our applications. We can implement and adapt the functions and features to fit your specific environment. No Need to over train, we can add granules on the fly or keep them dormant forever, the choice is yours.

Build Your Own Applications – With a little bit of training you too can be building your own applications to convert paper to mobile in days, not months. We use workflow to build applications, a simple but very effective way to eliminate wasted time. Look into our Stellar Support – Stellar Mobile Guide, to see how we help you succeed.

Access to Additional Applications that have been built with the same care and purpose, from Warehouse, Rental, Delivery to Sales applications. eliminating paper and saving time, with full integrations to your business and CRM systems.

Truly flexible Support Plan – Support sets us apart from other companies as we are ranked in the top 2% of software companies in customer care. We have support plans available to fit your unique needs.

  • Stellar Mobile Support – Link below. 

  • Stellar Mobile Enhancement – (Included) Standard 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific time, daily excl. weekends and holidays.  

  • Stellar Mobile – Do-it-Yourself grants you access to additional tools to support your own team. 

  • Stellar Mobile Star – Includes the above but adds 24/7 Support and a few more powerful benefits. 

  • Stellar Mobile Navigator – is the plan to fully support your Support Team 24/7, make recommendations and Guide them to Success. 

  • Stellar Mobile Galaxy – All the above and we hand hold your Technicians, teach and guide to ensure all works well. 

  • Stellar Mobile Universe – (Coming Soon) 

  • Stellar Mobile Guide – We work with your developers and train them to build Mobile Applications that save time, money and deliver results time after time.


How we keep our Applications up to date and relevant.

We know that no software out of the box is a perfect fit, so we welcome changes to our software, it only makes us better.


(included with purchase)
This is our Constant improvement model in action. We take ideas, suggestions, and work to incorporate into the applications. Constantly and consistently improving the applications to fit every need.


Sponsored Projects are shared among the interested parties to make a function or add-on a part of our application. Costs are split evenly; Sponsored Projects go to the front of the line to be developed.


Custom projects are developed specifically for you, available only to you. The apps or sub application are paid for exclusively by the requesting party and can be added to enhancement model. Custom Projects go to the front of the line to be developed.

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