As the head of a field service company, your primary objective is to provide customers with fast, efficient, and effective repairs, but there’s a lot that needs to be accomplished behind the scenes in order for that to happen. Schedules need to be made, contracts need to be drawn up, field technicians need to be trained and dispatched in accordance to their skill level—and so on, and so forth.

Modern field service industry trends are shifting focus – they not only highlight how to make processes more efficient, but also how to shift field service from a cost center to a profit generating operation.

Take a look at these field service trends for the years to come to get an idea of what best practices and technologies you should consider implementing to reposition field service as a profit-generating venture. We will be posting one to two trends per week.


1. Back End Automation

Field service automation is proven to generate faster revenue, reduce costs, increase productivity levels, ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency, and more, making it one of the fastest growing field service industry trends. To get in on this growing trend, start by automating tasks on the back end. Field service automation management software automates tedious and complex tasks, such as scheduling, dispatch management, contract, SLA and warranty management, inventory management and more, to streamline operational process and enable your employees to focus on more pressing issues.


Field service is no longer reactive – it’s proactive. If your goal is to empower technicians, increase customer engagement, and transform field service into a profit generating arm of your business, learning about these growing field industry trends can only take you part of the way. The next step is to look into a comprehensive solution that can leverage the capabilities necessary to put these trends into action.

URDesigns’ Field Service Solutions is a holistic management solution that includes an extensive feature set to improve every aspect of field service operations, including customer asset, work order management, predictive maintenance, and more. If you’d like to learn more about these and other field service trends or how your business can gain from this type of implementation, don’t hesitate to contact the qualified experts at URDesigns today.


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