Managing Service Technicians can be complex because it involves so many variables which needs to be tracked. Because we’re dealing with people, there is a degree of unpredictability which can often lead to miscommunication, especially when it comes to the relay of information. Although the use of an organized database helped greatly since its introduction, there was still a great room for human error. Organizations are in need of solutions that can solve their specific demands that CRM and ERP fail to do. It is no secret that successful field service management operations play a critical role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to the Aberdeen Group’s Research (conducted by surveying 156 service professionals) in 20131:


“…it is important to consider the effectiveness of service delivery as well as the experience delivered to the customer. First-time fix, for example, is a good measure of field service effectiveness wherein a customer’s issue is resolved on a first-visit basis. However, a customer might still be dissatisfied with the overall experience if it took a very long time to receive a service appointment, or the field agents were tardy, or billing tied to an appointment was improperly handled. These two factors of effectiveness and experience can become more vital when considering the impact of the service work on the customers’ customers…”


Equipped with this information, one can already tell that are many factors to consider in getting customer satisfaction. Although the study was conducted 5 years ago, these inefficiencies still hold true to this day. Service companies encounter these problems every day because sometimes, these situations can be out of their control because of its unpredictability… until now.

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With the fast growth of technology, particularly database systems now seamlessly connecting with mobile devices, it was only wise for companies to turn to software developers to develop a solution that would assist with managing field service operations. This eliminated the inefficiencies mentioned above and enhanced the best features of traditional field management.

The need to keep up with the times, particularly the rise of services like Uber or AirBnB which changed the expectations of customer service, resulted in Field Service Management (FSM) technology, which automates the field operations of a team of service professionals through mobile systems. This could be in the form of software or a business application. The technology is making business owners discover the value it brings not only for their employees but also for their customers.



The biggest obstacle in FSM market growth is simply the lack of education about its field service solutions. Companies preferably use ERP, CRM or Enterprise asset management solutions instead of field service solutions due to lack of awareness about FSM solutions.

Because FSM is linked together with technology, most usually have misconceptions about it. In reality, FSM actually provides companies with low cost operational and implementation of its solutions.  The FSM solutions can be deployed as on-site and cloud both by organizations according to their budget. Along with this, another benefit is the integration of FSM solution with M2M connected devices. The FSM solutions are flexible enough, that they can be proficiently deployed on smartphones, laptops and other smart devices.

Oh, and did we mention the best part? According to a market report by MarketsandMarkets which has an in-depth analysis and forecast of the global FSM market2, the Field Service Management (FSM) market will be worth $3.52 billion by 2019.



Companies now demand real time based solutions for their field workers so that they can carry on with their work without any delay. This is why the FSM market will continue to grow because of the development of technology catering to it.



1 Aberdeen Group, Field Service 2013 Workforce Management Guide
2 “Field Service Management Market by Solution (Work Order Management, Schedule and Dispatch, Inventory Management), by Service, by Deployment Type (Cloud, and On-Premise), by User Type (SMBs and Enterprise), by Industry Vertical & by Region – Global Forecasts to 2019)”

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