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Studies show 15% of workers' time is wasted...

on paper, manual processes, and complicated workflows,
that could be 15% of your payroll wasted.

This is making you feel like you're not getting your money's worth.
It feels even worse finding out that it's not the employees fault.

It's the paper, processes, and workflow that the company dictates they use.

Digitally transform every aspect of your business in no time.

Pre-built apps for all areas of your business
- easily integrating everything -
all in a fraction of the time required for traditional coding.

Deploy Apps Quickly

Transform your business processes in no time using ready-to-run apps that deploy almost instantly.

Best Practices Built-In

Our pre-built apps help enforce standard best practices & helpful new practices like GPS, time stamping & photo proofs.

Extremely Customizable

Our apps are built on the URDesigns platform, so you can easily customize them to fit your exact business processes.

Everything Fully-Integrated

All of your apps can communicate seamlessly with each other and easily integrate to existing backend & legacy systems, helping you eliminate data silos & share cross-departmental info.​

Retain Ownership of Your Data​

With SaaS platforms, your data is on the internet and managed by other people. With our solutions, the data is where you want it to be. Retain full control of your data.​

Create Custom Apps Anytime

Our apps are built on our code-free mobile app development platform, which you can use to create your own custom apps for any business process you want.

Our Popular Applications:


Field Service Applications

Designed to help you eliminate paper and manual processes, giving your employees additional time to do more.

covid screening app 2

COVID-19 Screening Application

Smart COVID-19 Employee Screening App. Self-screening & Point-of-Entry screening.


Direct Store Delivery

Modernize delivery productivity.


Visual Dispatching

Technician assignment made easy

... and so much more!

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At URDesigns we know that
you want to be a successful leader.

To do that, you need to continuously find innovative ways to increase your employee’s efficiency and reduce their wasted time. The problem is your running out of ideas which makes you feel like you are failing and becoming a bad leader. We believe no leader should feel that way.

We understand how hard it is to find innovative ways to improve operational efficiency without adding additional work which is why we provide zero code platform that helps your employees do more in less time.
  1. Make an appointment with one of our experts so we understand your unique vision.
  2. Together, we’ll build a plan to start saving you time.
  3. We build a customized implementation plan and execute it together.​

Then just simply repeat the process, again and again, until there is no wasted time to be found.

You do not have to be a programmer, we use simple and easy workflow. Think of it as building and application with “Lego Blocks”. Our platform allows you to mix and match to come up with the application you need.

No, it does not work the same way. Applications you create or change today are deployed instantly.

When I was an IT Director, I though the same thing until I started working on my first project. Then I found countless ways to use these applications and create new ones quickly.

Our platform is one of the most connected around. You can have access to systems you own via SQL (Sequil Query Language), API (Applicaton Programable Interface) or if those will not do, you can use ETL (Export Transform Load).

(Windows, iOS, Android and Web)

The “Good News” is that this is one platform.

This platform allows you to develop for all four, Windows, iOS, Android,  and Web – all in one!

We take care of that for you.

Through our Application, you deploy (We’ll show you how) your applications then they show up on your devices. No need to worry about deploying to the stores.

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