The rise of technology has our customers wanting immediate gratification. That is, they prefer immediate results, answers, and solutions for every query they have. Gone are the days of waiting for minutes or even hours on the phone just to get specific information from their respective accounts. But how will you incorporate this need for immediacy into your business organization?

The best way to help customers find these immediate support options is through an online customer portal – a one-stop shop for online support.

Customer Portals are a genius way to get your customers to see, review, & edit their accounts. Other features include documents for customers to read, downloads, and even chat support. Providing an online portal is an integral part of creating a satisfying support experience.

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We list down the benefits of investing in Customer Portals.

1. You’re giving customers what they want

As mentioned, customers don’t like to be left waiting. As a company, we must give them what they want to improve the overall customer experience. More often than not, customers that don’t have their basic expectations met are more likely to leave for a company that provides them, even if their business is not as good.

But when a company does or exceeds a customer’s expectation, they are more likely to promote your company to others. This creates more business opportunities for everyone in your organization.

2. Presents Important Information Readily

Since you’re now down the rabbit hole of wanting to provide “self-service” choices for customers, you must make sure you give them a convenient way of accessing them.

Online Customer Portals collect all of your self-service features in a convenient, accessible area, presenting information in a way that’s easy for customers to understand. They don’t have to search through your entire site to find a certain article or go back and forth between sections to create a ticket and watch a video tutorial. Or worse, having to wait for an eternity on the other end of a phone line. Instead, they’re able to take care of all of their support needs in one convenient location.

3. Customer Independence

Portals offer a streamlined process that is easy for the client to understand and follow. You are giving your customers access to many basic tools used by your employees. They no longer have to call you to send them again that invoice from last year or to get notified of the amount due to your company. In the past, if a customer wanted to know the status of an open ticket, he or she would have to contact a member of your support team and wait for a representative to respond. Now, customers can find this information independently through a customer support portal, giving them a sense of control over their support issue.

Customer portals are an extension of your customer support services. When setup effectively, a portal will be viewed as a valuable communications and workflow resource. You will spend less time and energy fixing issues for customers. Customer complaints will surely be kept low and your company reviews will be fantastic.


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Customer Portals were made to make interactions with your clients easier, more effective and a lot more secure for both sides. Information flows smoothly and everyone is on the same page, all of the time. Setting up a client portal for your organization adds a competitive edge and advantage to your company without spending a fortune!


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