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Field Service Solution: Part 1



This is a subscription model of software usage and/or server usage. Nearly everyone is familiar with this type of software licensing. This is where you pay monthly or yearly to have access to the software. The Software is fixed and normally very stable because the company is being a bit more rigid in how it can be changed. Accounting wise, this is a good solution because you will not need to capitalize the software you are able to expense it. In some cases, this can be less expensive than hosted, but in others it can be more expensive. Small Business seem to like the Subscription method due to them not having the support staff needed in some hosted installations.


For this month, we highlight how to choose the right Field Service Solution for your company. You may already have a solution in mind but you might be confused as to what questions you should be asking to ensure it covers all of your company’s needs. There are a number of questions when it comes to dealing with Field Service Solution but we’ve got it covered by dividing them into different groups. Rest assured that you are in good hands as these are questions from real technicians and executives whom we’ve worked with over the years with our Field Service Solution

Let this month’s posts serve as your guide before you ride the Field Service Solution wave. A good executive knows that when equipped with the right knowledge of something that is foreign and new, they can turn it into a powerful tool that would double their profit while saving time and making not only their team members more efficient but also increase their overall customer satisfaction rate.


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There are a number of questions when it comes to dealing with Field Service Solution but we've got it covered!

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