Here is another list of benefits for those wanting to know just exactly how customer portals are helpful. You can read our first three here.

As previously mentioned, Customer Portals are a one-stop shop for online customer support. It’s where they can get information, pay, review, report, or just make changes to their accounts. It provides an overall efficient, quick, & smooth customer support experience taking your company to the top.

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We list down more benefits of investing in Customer Portals.

1. Reduces Your Agents’ Workload

The most time consuming tasks of a company’s agents are when they are asked for different “copies”. Copies of invoices, due dates, order status, inventory quantity, placing orders, reviewing past orders, initiating or status of a support case. A portal enables your customers to get this information without contacting your company. Because customers can look up the status of their own tickets, your agents can focus on the more difficult questions that is not provided for by the customer portal.

Customer portal also reduce the number of support cases because it directs customers to other solutions. Some portal have features that picks up key words and phrases. while customers type. Related articles and other self-service support options are instantly presented these to the customer. With these answers, many customers can solve their support issues on their own without submitting a ticket or . Because cases or tickets are reduced, customer service people can focus on addressing more complicated concerns.

2. Data Security

Yes, your customers are given easier access to your information but that doesn’t mean their data isn’t being protected. Customer Portals most often connect to a business’ existing ERP, which is already secure in the first place. Each customer contact is given a password and login that is only known to them. Portals also might add security on top of your existing business process making it even more safe and secure.

Secure data storage is just one of the many benefits you can get by using customer portals. One of the biggest woes of the modern consumer is the loss of their personal data. If you can protect it, you’ll have customers that are thrilled with the efficient, secure service you are providing.

3. Improves Overall Company Performance

Customer Portals save not only your clients’ time and money but also your business organization’s. As a huge chunk of work is already taking care of itself care of your customers, you and your team can now focus on the more important things. You can start on trainings, sales, marketing, and more and just boost the overall productivity of your company.


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Providing a customer portal is one way to help justify the integrations with your existing and trusted ERP system. It can improve your customer experience, reduce internal tasks, and ultimately help you retain existing customers, and grow your business.


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